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Your webservant maintaining dignity.

          Consider what you spend in advertising in the local newspaper, Yellow Pages or other directory service. Has this site saved you time, effort and fuel over the years? Has it helped visitors find your congregation? If you'd like an additional means of saying "Yes, thanks", you're welcome to contribute a small amount of money to this project. Donations will be used to maintain Webhosting and Domain. Future plans are to create a better tablet/touchscreen experience.

Thomas Lahman

              If you are familiar with on-line transactions, there are, through PayPal, two safe and secure ways that you may contribute:

1. To make a single donation of whatever amount you choose (under $40), please use the button below:
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              Please, sincerely, if you don't see the value in this service, that's OK - maybe later. If this site has not brought your congregation any visitors or performed any service to you, then by all means, insist that I first earn any wage I request. If you believe that sending a few dollars this way is not wise stewardship, that's OK too. I'll continue to list faithful churches and update their information as before.

yours in Him,    
Thomas Lahman