2013-12-03 ~ Google Maps

Google Maps are being used at the state level. Google Maps and HTML 5 are a good platform to take the site into the Tablet Era. Static Pages are being eliminated. If your page is missing, it is because it has not been updated since 2006. Please re-submit your info. As of this date, there are 913 congregations in the database.

2012-02-16 ~ Progress

Still a few more states to be updated to the newer format. Some regional maps need some attention too. As of this date, there are 759 congregations in the database.

2010-05-27 ~ New Format Launched

Main navigation has been changed and hopefully improved. Next is to update the state and area maps for Firefox and Chrome compatibility. The pop-up tool tips only work in IE.

2010-04-01 ~ New Site

No joke! I'm working on changing the website. There are more database capabilities and more dynamic info. Frames will be gone, but don't worry, I have no intention of changing the ugl classic FindTheChurch.com color scheme that we've all grown to love.

2010-02-20 ~ FindTheChurch Mobile

The mobile version of FindTheChurch.com is now online. If you have a web-enabled phone, you can surf to findthechurch.com/m, (that's findthechurch.com with just a slash "m" on the end), and you can access the searchable database on your phone. It's a simple interface without the green-dot maps, but you still have Google maps and building photos. It's actually a lot quicker than I thought it would be.