Finding Churches:

            This site is designed to help travelers find a place to worship while they are away from home. The best way to find a church is to use the maps. Move your mouse cursor over the state or province where you will be visiting and click to view a more detailed map. On the state maps are green dots designating congregations or area maps. Once you've selected a congregation, print the page to help you find it. Churches in countries other than USA or Canada can also be located via the Search link.


            If you want your congregation listed on this site, it is up to you or your church's leadership to submit the info. Go to the Signup link to submit information.


            Before addressing an E-mail to me, please check the FAQ link. Your question might be answered there. can be used to E-mail me.

Updating Info:

            This Update link in the Signup section will allow you to access your listing data. If your congregation's info is still on a static (HTML) page, then you'll need to resubmit your info. Go to the Signup link to re-submit your information. If you're info is in the database, but your not a listed as an email contact, you'll also need to re-submit your info. Or you can contact me via E-mail if an E-mail address is your only change.